Dixie Dredge Delivers Four Vessels To Egyptian Dredging

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The Dixie Dredge Corporation of St. Louis, a subsidiary of Pott Industries' St. Louis Ship Division, Houston Natural Gas Corporation, recently affirmed the shipment of the first of five dredge tender boats, two crewboats, and the second of five dredges to the Egyptian Dredging Company of Cairo, Egypt.

The announcement was made by Dixie Dredge president Jack T. Dunn.

The dredge tenders, designed by William G. Preston of Marine Power, Inc. of Gulf Breeze, Fla. and built under subcontract from Dixie Dredge by T.D. Vinnette Company of Escanaba, Mich., are 36 feet long and are powered by a Cummins N-855-M diesel engine developing 195 bhp at 1,800 rpm. The tenders are equipped with a 10,000-pound-capacity A - f r a me with winch f o r lifting dredge equipment and cargo.

The two crewboats shipped to Egypt earlier this summer also were designed by Mr. Preston, and built by AAA Builders, Inc. of Pascagoula, Miss. Each boat is 32 feet long and powered by a GM-Detroit Diesel Allison engine developing 128 bhp at 2,800 rpm. The crewboats each carry 20 passengers, protected from the weather by a canvas awning.

The dredge tenders and crewboats were subcontracted by Dixie Dredge in conjunction with its $3.5-million contract to supply dredges, supporting equipment, and spare parts to the Egyptian Dredging Company. Financing of the purchase was accomplished by a U.S. State Department A.I.D. Loan and Grant.

The dredges employ a "tilting spuds systems" that allows them to pass under bridges and other obstacles without the need to remove their spuds. The hull side sections for the dredges are being built by Egyptian Dredging.

For further information and free literature on dredging equipment, write to Jim Bishop, Dept.

M.R., The Dixie Dredge Corporation, 8224 Polk Street, St. Louis, Mo. 63111.

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