M.A.N. Acquires Majority Shares in B & W Diesel A/S

M a s c h i n e n f a b r i k Augsburg- Nurnberg AG of West Germany has acquired all of the shares held by Burmeister & Wain A / S in the Danish company B & W Diesel A/S. M.A.N, now holds 99.5 percent of the shares in that company; the remaining shares are owned by the Norwegian shipowner Otto Grieg Tidemand.

B & W Diesel A / S , which started as a new organization on January 1 this year, comprises all the diesel-related a c t i v i t i e s of B & W Engineering, B & W Engine Works, B & W Alpha Diesel, and B & W Holeby Diesel.

The ever-increasing emphasis on energy conservation, coupled with the fact that B & W Diesel is marketing a most fuel-efficient diesel engine, classifies the recent acquisition of the B & W shares by M.A.N, as a sound investment in the energy sector. The M.A.N, management has expressed their desire to maintain and strengthen the unique diesel engine development and know-how of B & W Diesel.

The subsequent strengthening of the business efforts as a result of being consolidated under one strong financial responsibility is expected to further enhance the success of B & W Diesel A/S, thereby assuring the owners and operators worldwide that the reliable and efficient diesel engines of the B & W design will continue their strong representation on the world market.

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