Research Contracts To Combustion Engineering And Mortada International

The Maritime Administration has awarded two research and development contracts concerning marine fuels. The first is a $172,000, nine-month contract to Combustion Engineering, Incorporated, Windsor, Conn., to develop and test a device to measure the effectiveness of various marine burners in atomizing residual fuel oils. When completed, the device will be installed in Combustion Engineering's Fuel Burning Test Facility and used to evaluate atomization improvements on marine burners.

The second contract, for $102,- 000 and one year, was awarded to Mortada International, Dallas, Texas, to study the pricing of marine bunker fuels. The study will analyze elements that determine the cost of marine bunkers, such as production, refining, transportation, tariffs, duties, and taxes, and the impact of various domestic, social, environmental, and industrial factors on No. 6 bunker "C" fuel and marine diesel fuel.

The firm will also evaluate the influence which fuel prices have on freight rates and the effects of capital cost improvements in reducing fuel costs. Ultimately, a mathematical model will be developed to permit shipowners and operators to evaluate available options for reducing fuel costs while maintaining a reasonable degree of service.

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