Gotaverken Delivers Third Tanker For Iraq

gotaverken delivers third tanker for iraq

The state-owned Iraqui National Oil Company has recently taken delivery of a 155,200-dwt tanker built at Gotaverken Arendal. The ship, which shortly before the delivery was given the name Hittin, is number three of four ships of the same type and size being built by Gotaverken for INOC.

The first in this series of tankers for Iraq, the Alquadisiyah, was delivered in March 1976, and was then the biggest ship in the Iraqui merchant fleet. Number two, the Amuriyah, was delivered in January this year, and the fourth and last will be delivered on schedule at the end of this year.

All three new ships are now operating between the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean.

The Hittin is number 28 in a series of 32 tankers of this size and type building at Gotaverken Arendal.

The Hittin is built to the highest class with Lloyd's Register, with the designation "UMS" (unmanned engine room).

The principal particulars are as follows: length overall, 935 feet, molded breadth, 145 feet, molded depth, 73 feet 7 inches, and deadweight at summer f r e e b o a r d , 155,200 deadweight tons.

The cargo tanks are arranged in four groups, each served by a separate cargo pump and with double shut-off between the groups. Thus, the vessel can carry four completely s e g r e g a t e d grades, each representing 25 percent of the total capacity.

The deckhouse, comprising six stories, and the machinery casing are entirely separate.

The deck machinery is steampowered and comprises six automatic mooring winches and two windlasses combined with mooring winches, as well as two 10-ton cargo winches amidships.

The main engine is an 8-cylinder, large-bore diesel engine of Burmeister & Wain's type K90- GF, built at Gotaverken's engine works.

At the continuous service rating of 24,800 bhp, the trial speed was approximately 16.5 knots. Steam for the engine room requirements is provided by a Gotaverken/Sunrod exhaust boiler. Steam for cargo heating and pumping is supplied by two Gotaverken/ Sunrod separately-fired boilers, each rated at 25 t/h. Two of the cargo oil pumps are turbine-driven, the remaining pair being driven by auxiliary diesel engines.

The vessel has three 12-cylinder, V-type auxiliary diesels of BMW make, each driving a Nebb generator rated at 1,250 kw. Two of the motors are also connected to cargo oil pumps via an angle gear.

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