New Starlite Is Second 122-Foot Combination Boat From MARCO Yard

new starlite is second 122foot
combination boat from marco yard

The Starlite, second of a new series of 122-foot combination vessels built by Marine Construction and Design Co. (MARCO), was christened August 26, in ceremonies at Shilshole Bay Marina, by Mrs. Aase Mannes, the wife of the vessel's captain, Borge Mannes.

The other principal owners of the Starlite, well-known in Pacific Northwest fishing circles are Henry Swasand and his son Cory Swasand.

Henry Swasand is also part owner of three other MARCO boats—the 94-foot Aleutian Spray purchased in 1969, the 108-foot Starfish purchased in 1974, and the 108-foot Nordic Star purchased in 1977, all engaged in crabbing.

All of Mr. Swasand's boats, including the Starlite, are fishing for Trident Seafoods and delivering catches to Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

The Starlite is designed for efficient crab fishing in Alaskan waters and is equipped with two fishing stations, port and starboard, to haul crab pots and handle pot lines with a minimum of maneuvering.

To better utilize the twin fishing stations, deck machinery includes two MARCO "King- Haulers" for crab pot handling, two MARCO "KingCoilers" to coil the line, and two MARCO singleaction crab pot hydraulic dumping racks. An 11-ton Rowe telescoping hydraulic crane is used for positioning the crab pots on the fishing deck.

The Starlite has three fish holds totaling 9,500 cubic feet, space for 220,000 pounds of live crab. Propulsion is provided by a Caterpillar D399 turbocharged and after-cooled diesel engine developing 1,125 bhp, coupled to a Caterpillar 7261 hydraulic reverse/ reduction gear. The vessel uses a Coolidge 86-inch threeblade stainless-steel propeller.

The Starlite has three auxiliary diesel engines. A Caterpillar 3304 TA is turbocharged for a 55-kw generator. There are also two larger Caterpillar 3306 TA auxiliaries coupled to two 155-kw generators and two MARCO DP26 HPD hydraulic pump drives.

A central fueling station for the Starlite, located at the forward end of the fo'c'sle overhang, permits the vessel to be fueled while fully loaded with crab pots. The Starlite features a number of design changes from the traditional MARCO crabber. A single box mast encloses the exhaust pipes. The pilothouse has been stepped up half a deck for a 360- degree view of all fishing operations. Galley and mess areas are reversed so that the mess now faces the afterdeck.

Navigation and communication equipment includes two Lorans, two radars, recording depth sounder, depth indicator, autopilot, gyrocompass, two singlesideband radios, and a radiotelephone. A Wagner hydraulic steering system includes a wheel, plus two jog stations.

The Starlite is the 37th steel combination vessel of this type MARCO has delivered for Alaska fisheries. MARCO is currently delivering two models of fishing vessels similar to the Starlite at a rate of one every 45 days. Marine Construction & Design Co. (MARCO) Shipyard Division is located at 2300 West Commodore Way, Seattle, Wash. 98199.

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