New Vessels from VT Halmatic

VT Halmatic expanded its range of hull forms to include the Camarc Ltd. 16m pilot/patrol boat design, already proven in service with Associated British Ports (ABP) Port of Humber and the Port of Tees and Hartlepool. The hull — powered by diesel engines driving propellers or waterjets — features a Camarc design double chine noted for its excellent seakeeping abilities while maximizing crew comfort. Dependent on final specification, it is capable of service speeds up to 40 knots and a range in excess of 400 nm. Also recently available is the Nelson 44 catamaran, a stable, twin round bilge vessel noted for big deck and accommodation space. A wide variety of superstructures and fit-out options ensure that this vessel is flexible, suited for survey, fishing, personnel and cargo transport, salvage and leisure uses. Twin diesel engines coupled to propeller, sterndrive or waterjet propulsion provide speeds of up to 25 knots and the ability to take to the ground. Finally the 7.7m Seaworker workboat offers an extremely stable working platform and the ability to transport substantial payloads at speed. These craft are suited to inland waterways, rivers and estuaries, as they have a draft of only 0.4m. The GRP construction boat features power provided by either single/twin outboard motors or a single inboard diesel coupled to an outdrive leg or waterjet.

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